Our next trip: Wandering South America!

After our 5-month trip to Asia, we decided to spend some time back in the U.K. with friends and family (plus a couple of short holidays in Cape Verde and Dubrovnik).

Now we’re 3 weeks in to our second big trip, this time around South America!

Prep for our trip to South America.

We have an ambitious route, starting in Cusco, Peru and making our way down through Bolivia and Chile into Patagonia. By Christmas 🎄🎅🏻 we are aiming to be in Buenos Aires and Rio De Janeiro for New Year’s Eve 🎆.

In January, we have a flight booked from São Paulo over to Quito, Ecuador to start exploring Ecuador, Galápagos Islands 🐢and Colombia. Finally, we’re planning to head back to the UK in March via Toronto, Canada for a few days 🙌

Our ambitious South America route – so much to cover! Created using triphappy.com

This trip has been hard to pack for as we’ll be experiencing hot and cold weather plus high-altitude, something neither of us have ever experienced before!

Why South America?
    It’s a huge region we have never explored before.
    There is so much diversity and incredible sights from Machu Picchu to the Salt Flats to Patagonia to Galápagos Islands – it ticks off a lot.
    Travelling between countries in South America appears fairly straightforward, although we are prepared for a number of lengthy bus journeys!
    With British passports, we’re super lucky not to need any Visas.

We cannot begin to tell you how excited we are!!

Off we pop to South America!!

If anyone has any suggestions for places to visit, stay or eat at we’re all ears! We’d love to hear your suggestions 😊

Sara & Jonny

The Mansell Wanderers

2 thoughts on “Our next trip: Wandering South America!

  1. Hey, so us Gringirls are doing a similar trip but starting in Colombia heading down through Ecuador and Peru to Brazil for carnival and onwards! Look forward to your posts! Feel free to check us out for some great eating recommendations!


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