30-April 2017

New plan, we’re gonna add some smaller posts between the bulkier ones. These may not be as informative, but should be fun to read ☺️

Current location: Southern India, Kerela, Alleppey to Kumily

Change of scenery today- from the “Venice of India” Alleppey…

… to the hill country town Kumily.

We were sad to leave our awesome host Thomas at Venice Castle homestay Alleppey. We planned to stay 1 night and stayed 3!

We were warned by other travellers that the bus journey was vomit inducing, with the roads winding through Kerela’s hill country. The drivers are huge Keanu Reaves fans. They try to replicate the plot of their number 1 film “Speed” where they need to stay above 50mph, otherwise the bus explodes. I don’t remember so much use of the coach horn in the film though.

Even the driver held on for dear life.. don’t let the speed drop below 50!!!

Sara found excellent samosas from a street vendor. I feel like my spice tolerance is on the up, but I’m sure the locals still think I’m a pussy.

8p samosa gets the Mansell seal of approval

We’ve only just arrived at Chrissie’s Hotel in Kumily, uber positive vibes already.. I can see a lot of time being lost to this balcony view mhmm.

“What do we do tonight Brain (Jonny)?” “Same thing we do every night, try to take over the world…” Or eat a badass curry and get an early night.

(So many 90’s references..)

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